Origins of CCETv

Whilst being a founding partner of Roger Cherrill Ltd. - the extraordinarily successful film postproduction house - Barry Chattington led Southern Counties Television which came a very close second to winning the South and South East IBA franchise. In the last franchise bids through Barry’s endeavours Central Television won their franchise for only £2,000 pa as against LWT paying £27 million.

Originally approached to start a home Shopping Channel, Barry and his business partners Mike Wort and Bryan McElearney changed this dreary concept to a vibrant needed laudable beacon opportunity for homeowners to enjoy creating the “Envy of Energy Saving” by CCETv being the entertaining broadcast channel with a massive interactive information database for solutions.

CCETv’s news staff and retrofit experts help individual homeowners attain comfort and economies in their homes, whilst witnessing the whole world of sustainability across the planet. CCETv’s news style format allows excitement, drama and satisfaction to be viewed by this ABC1 audience who have reassurance their contribution counts to save our planet and for their own pockets.

The originating team have been joined by authorities of interactivity, design, production, branding, marketing and finance for CCETv to make a massive impact at COP 26.

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